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Making Patient Centred-Care Profitable

Meet Erika

Founder and Principal

A cancer diagnosis changes your life, and it certainly changed mine.

As a seasoned strategy consultant and SaaS commercial leader, I have driven transformative changes in corporate clients, boosting profitability and fostering client centricity.

But my journey as a patient unveiled the hardships faced by both patients and healthcare workers.

Now, I envision a future where patient-centered care not only engages patients in their journey to better health but also ensures sustainable profits.

Motivated by this vision and decades of experience in commercial problem-solving and change management, I founded Patient Success Strategies, empowering healthcare providers and businesses to achieve profitable human-centered care.


What We Offer

We empower private healthcare providers to enhance profitability by facilitating human-centred Patient Experience (PX) change management.


Medical Clinics | Medical Device Companies | Health & Wellness Businesses | Home Healthcare | Nursing Homes | Digital Health | Insurance Companies 


Keynote Speaking:

Why Patient-Centred Care is a Win-Win


Workshops and Training:

Engage Your Team to Engage Your Patients 


Bespoke Consulting: 

Problem Solving that Gets Results

Checking Blood Pressure

Empowered teams deliver patient-centric care 

“Erika's ability to problem solve from a client's perspective helped me shape better company strategies.”

- Jing Zhi Chua

Founder of Active Ageing School

“Thanks to Erika's vast knowledge in customer journey analysis and her genuine desire to grasp our business, we received valuable strategic insights and solutions. This prompted us to thoroughly review our operational and hiring processes, in defining and delivering amazing  customer experiences.”

- Sharad Govil

Group CEO, Amazing Hearing Group 

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